We are leading Kern County and the rest of the world into the future of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powered vehicles. Dynamic Renewable Solutions is currently Kern County’s only business for CNG conversion, CNG services, and consultation.

Kern County is consistently ranking very high on the list of regions with the worst air quality, last year’s report placed the county as the worst for particle pollution and second worst in smog. It’s with this in mind that we increase the availability of CNG. Our goal is to help the world, one fleet conversion at a time.

Let’s Make
Our Planet Cleaner


Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) has many amazing benefits

Save Money

The cost of CNG per gallon compared to diesel or gasoline fuel is unparalleled. Not only have the prices of CNG stayed at an even rate over the years, but it has…

Federal and State Incentives

There is a multitude of incentives available for CNG vehicles and businesses looking to make the switch. On the federal level, there are currently three…

NVG Statistics, United States

Natural Gas Vehicles in 2018: 175,000, Natural Gas Fueling Stations in 2018: 1,600, Return on Investment Payback Period: 18-24mo, NOx Emission Reduction: 90%

Environmental Impact

Natural Gas or more specifically, (CNG) has been proven in several studies to be much better for the environment than refined fuels…


In the search for our own CNG conversion information, we quickly realized that it was difficult to find valid and helpful information. That’s when we made it our goal to assist businesses in looking into and eventually converting to Compressed Natural Gas. We aim to eliminate the middle man, Our CNG services and consultations include:

Fleet efficiency

CNG station design and installation

Basic safety inspections

Truck designs and specs

CNG fuel systems

Safety protocol implementation for CNG vehicles

Let’s Make Our Planet Cleaner

Improving Kern County’s air quality, one CNG vehicle at a time.